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Colour in India has a strong association with emotions. Happy, Joy, Fear, Evil, Auspicious, Sacred, Pure ...

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It is a striking colour. According to thesis it is known that a person sees red first than compared to other colours (when an array of colours are shown). That is why it used mostly for alertness and danger signs.
- Indicates danger (India)
- indicates one’s anger
- kumkum (bindi) – a marking in a woman’s forehead
- Tilaka – a marking in a man’s forehead
- Mixture of Secondary colours, Magenta and Yellow gives Red.
- it is on one end of the wavelength of the colour band
- Hue of blood


It is not a colour between sky and earth. When a person thinks of this colour, he first thinks of sea/ocean or sky, but the water in sea/ ocean is not blue. It is transparent.

- Cool, chill, cold, water,
- Mixture of Magenta and Cyan gives Blue
- indicates a cleanser for laundry products


- Bright, joy, sunshine
- Mango


It is a colour for making a person feel environmental, attached to nature. The person who likes this has passion for adventure, nature, and wildlife.

- Environmental
- Mixture of Blue and Yellow gives Green

The primary colours are Red, Green and Blue and the secondary colours are a mixture of these. The two ends of the colour band violet and red (vibgyor). Colours have their affect and effect based on the country, religious beliefs and from it’s basic component itself.

Shade - giving more darkness to a particular colour
Tint - light variation of/ from the actual colour

A particular colour looks different when different colours of light fall on it. 
For example:
Water in the swimming pool has different colours when observed keenly in different angles and different locations
Colour of the leaves in a tree are not all the same. They have all shades and tones of green

Working at Printo, my director suggested to read about Frank Romano's colour theory to understand how printing technology works. Here goes a rhyme about colour
The sky is blue, the grass is green,
Words can't express the colour I mean.
How blue is blue and green is green?
From light to dark and shades between.
When designing a product there are many aspects to be considered. Colour is one and important of them.

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